Thank you for visiting this blog.

Just a few words of introduction - I set up this site to share the little knowledge I’ve gained about requesting and analysing automated traffic counter data from local authorities. So far, I’ve had some little wins but my hope is that this becomes part of a wider exposure of these vital data, whether by me or the wider community. Traffic is one of the main bugbears both for those stuck in it and those whose neighbourhoods are afflicted by it. I strongly believe that traffic data should be made widely available so that a proper public debate can be had rather than rely on snippets of information from local authorities. If this blog helps in any way in moving this forward I will have succeeded.

I want to cover the following items over the next few weeks:

  • a discussion of using the UK Freedom of Information Act to request ATC data

  • an example of what data might look like and what would be the ideal

  • how to read and display the data in R

  • how to read and display the data in Power BI

I would also like to provide some information about how ATC surveys work though I’m going to have to do some further research. If anyone wants to help author that work, that would be great.

I’ve set up this blog fairly quickly, so over the summer I will spend some more time on the look and feel.

Written on July 11, 2019